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Places we called by other names

Tiger Moth Review | Fiction

There is a place called Dragon Island that no one can find on a map. Dragon Island: A pseudonym. A sanctuary...

A letter to the impossible things 
that require tending to

Epiphany Magazine | Non-Fiction

As I go to write this, during the same week that leaked documents reveal the Supreme Court’s desire to overturn Roe v. Wade, I struggle to say anything out of the safety of my created fictional worlds...


Pank Magazine | Fiction

I am sending you this letter in response to what you asked me the other day after finding me in your rib cage. At the time, I wasn’t able to answer your question, because, as you probably noticed, I no longer have a mouth....

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That which is sacred

Giving Room Mag | Non-Fiction

Yesterday, we pulled our masks down and had our first kiss on the corner of 24th and 6th. The kiss came after sitting on a park bench in Madison Square Park in the early-spring cold for three hours...


Minetta Review | Poetry

He opens his mouth and offers it to you, but
you say that salt isn't good enough anymore,
that you're tired of the taste...

American Love

Eleven and a Half Magazine | Fiction

There was a map with streets like veins, oceans like boys, and traffic like heat. It read in black: Eastham, Harwich, Barnstable, Hyannis, South Dennis. That summer Cape Cod smelled like salt and vodka...

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Prose Poetry

“Why I Write.” November. 2018. 
“Insomnia.” Sad Girls Club Lit. 2020. 
“untitled for I am not a poet.” Genre: Urban Arts. No. 10. 2020. 
“my time is running out.” Genre: Urban Arts. No. 10. 2020. 
“Collision with the Infinite: in solidarity with Suzanne Segal.” Genre: Urban Arts. No. 10. 2020. 
“birthright.” Genre: Urban Arts. No. 10. 2020. 
“Salt.” Minetta Review - spring edition. 2015. 
“Positive.” PLAY(ed)BOY - vol. II. 2015.

Editorials, Reviews, Journalism and More

“Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy: How We Define Womanhood in 2017.” Empress World. 2017. 
“Blood Ties, Mystery and LSD: A Review of Paul Vidich’s The Coldest Warrior.” Lit Pub. 2020. 
“Iceland Will Become The First Country to Require Equal Pay for Women.” Empress World. 2017. 
“Power Poses: Using These Strategic Postures Can Improve Your Life.” Empress World. 2017. 
“Fashion Gets Political With Revolutionary Headgear.” Vainstyle Magazine. 2017. 
“New York Fashion Week Recap.” Vainstyle Magazine. 2017. 
“INAUGURATION: Solange Knowles.” Vainstyle Magazine. 2016. 
“The Silver Lining of a New Year’s Resolution for 2017.” Vainstyle Magazine. 2016. Online.
“The Demon.” Genre: Urban Arts. Edition: No. 7. 2019.


Ocean Gray

Feature Length | Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama

Romance Award Winner. 

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. 2021.

Best Story Award. Buddha International Film Festival. 2020.

Gold Award Winner. Screenplay Competition. 2021.

Third Place. Garden State Film Festival. 2021. 

Official Selection. Beverly Hills Film Festival. 2021.

Official Selection. New York Movie Awards. 2020. 

Finalist. Your Script Produced Screenplay Competition. 2021.

Nominee. Love Wins Film Festival. 2020.

Quarter Finalist. NYC Screenplay Awards. 2021.

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