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Wonder, "the feeling of the philosopher," is the guiding light of my life, and it has lead me here to this very moment as a writer and transformative writing practitioner.

I am a New York based writer of prose poetry, fiction and trans-autobiographical literary works. While writing is my passion, my life's work does not end with my own practice. As a Transformative Writing practitioner, I also teach others the power of writing—its ability to integrate the psyche, to self-actualize the personality, to transform the individual and to increase soul well-being—through an individualized journey of writing exercises, including expressive, SOC, creative life, and trans-autobiographical writing. 

City Reflection

Transformative Writing Practitioner

Transformative Writing is the practice of intentional excavation of perception, memory, emotion and meaning-making through language. In agreeing to consciously cooperate with the entirety of our psyche through transformative writing, we come into a harmonious relationship with the hidden aspects of "the self" thereby opening a pathway for our true selves to experience the world.

As a practitioner, I am not a guide nor a life coach, but instead a fellow human on a transformative writing journey beside you. I hope to inspire those who work with me to reimagine and reframe the limiting stories that they tell about themselves in order to live a happier, more aligned and more inspired life.

I invite you to practice alongside me.

Group Workshops

A collective experience of transformation through community, excavation and reclamation

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