Alana Saab

Literary Writer
Award-Winning Screenwriter
Transformative Writing Practitioner


Alana Saab is a NYC-based literary writer and award-winning screenwriter whose work blurs the lines between prose, oration and poetry. She writes about profound relations of love, desperation and confusion: from one person to another, from the psyche to the body, from humans to a higher power. Masters degrees in both Psychology and Fiction Writing, she writes of the interplay between conscious and unconscious existence, the seen and the unseen. Her work can be found in The Minetta Review, Pank Magazine, Eleven and a Half Journal, Nailed Magazine and more. Her screenplay, “Ocean Gray," has been recognized over six times as an award winner for various film festivals. 

While writing is her passion, her life's work does not end with her own practice. As a

Transformative Writing Practitioner, she teaches others the power of writing—its ability to integrate the psyche, to self-actualize the personality, to transform the individual and to increase soul well-being. Her guidance is scientifically backed and intuitively guided. Alana take participants on an individualized journey of writing to make the unconscious conscious. 

Alana is the co-founder of Enlivenment, a multimedia production company, where she helps dream-makers, artists and wellness initiatives bring their vision to life through custom creative content. 

She has studied with spiritual healers and lucid dreamers around the world. 

City Reflection

making the unconscious conscious

Transformative Writing is the practice of intentional excavation of perception, memory, emotion and meaning-making through language. In agreeing to consciously cooperate with the entirety of our psyche through transformative writing, we come into a harmonious relationship with the hidden aspects of "the self" thereby opening a pathway for our true selves to experience the world.

As a practitioner, I am not a guide nor a life coach, but instead a fellow human on a transformative writing journey beside you. I hope to inspire those who work with me to reimagine and reframe the limiting stories that they tell about themselves in order to live a happier, more aligned and more inspired life.

I have worked with survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. I invite you to practice alongside me.

group workshops: a collective experience of transformation through community, excavation and reclamation

one-on-one sessions: an individualized experience of transformation through excavation, consecration and creation