Blue Fabric

Who am I as a writer?

I write about profound relations of love, desperation and confusion: from one person to another, from the psyche to the heart, from humans to god. I am perplexed by the interplay of the phenomenological mind, subconscious existence and the quantum entanglement of vibrational beings, but mostly I am interested in the way humans relate to this ouroboros phenomena, this singular triptych experience of unknowingly consuming oneself: the bite of the mouth, the curve of the body, the uncontrollable fluttering of the tail. This theme exists subtly and sometimes overtly in my current work which takes the shape of screenplays, short stories and poetic flash fiction.

Who am I as a TW practitioner?

As a practitioner, I am a fellow writing journeyer with extensive knowledge of creative writing, transformative learning theory and writing therapies. With a Masters Degree in Psychology from Columbia University, I am equip to hold space for the emotions, upheavals and difficulties that may arise in the transformative process. The exercises I offer to clients are backed by the work of pioneering scientific writing researchers and practitioners, such as Dr. James Pennebaker, Dr. Joshua Smyth, Celia Hunt, John Fox, Dr. Allesandro Musetti, and Dr. Gian Luca Barbieri. This said, I use my intuition to guide clients into whatever form of transformative exercise necessary including meditation, breath-work or honest conversation. 

How did I become a transformative writing practitioner? 

Writing has always held a resonant place in my life from my first poetry "book" at the age of seven through high school English classes, but it was in college that I claimed it as my life path. That said, it wasn't until graduate school that I realized I wanted to do more than just publish my own writing. 

In May of 2016, I graduated with honors from NYU Gallatin where I received a B.A. in Individualized Study, focusing on philosophy and creative writing. My thesis, "Configurations of Millennial Storytelling,” explored the evolution of storytelling through different mediums and modes overtime. Through this thesis work, I found that humans now have a unique capacity for stories, both in their most thin, abstract forms, such as experimental fiction, and their most grandiose forms, such as virtual reality. I postulated that this evolution runs parallel to the evolution of the human psyche, thereby priming the millennial to understand (and create) these previously incomprehensible methods of storytelling.  

After graduating from NYU, I worked on a manuscript of my poetry and short stories while also working as a journalist for various online platforms, such as CoupleGoals, Vainstyle Magazine and Empress World. During this time, I found myself wrapped in sadness and drained of all my passion. I was writing but where had the wonder gone? What was missing?

Trusting in divine intervention, I tried to work through this feeling of purposelessness. It wasn't until a train ride from Boston to New York when I found a URL to a Masters program in psychology saved on my computer. I wasn't sure what or who had put it there, but there it was. That's when I found the Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Columbia Unversity in NYC.

At Columbia, I dedicated my studies to understanding how writing affects the psyche and whole human from the lens of transpersonal psychology and spiritual healing. In addition to the research I undertook, I also taught my first writing workshop at Columbia's Spiritual Wellness Center. In May of 2019, I completed my Masters Degree in Psychology from SMBI with honors. My culminating thesis explored how, when, for whom, in what ways and with what evidence can trans-autobiographical writing transform and provide therapeutic benefits for individuals. 

What more is there to my story?

I have trained with spiritual healer Ron Young and lucid dreaming expert Stephen LaBerge. Their mentorship plays a huge role in my life as a creative individual and transformative writing practitioner. I have a passion for all the arts, and I consider art to be a platform that can promote spiritual and physical change in the world. 

In addition to my writing work, I am proud to be a founding trustee of my family's foundation, The Saab Family Foundation (SFF), which awards scholarships and grants to students and non-profits every year. 


B.A. Individualized Study (Concentration: Configurations of Millennial Storytelling) from NYU '16

M.A. Psychology from Spirituality Mind-Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia Unversity  '19

Trained in Lucid Dreaming with Dr. Stephen Laberge '16

Trained in Spiritual Healing with Ron Young '17- present